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The smart Diggro bracelet with OLED display shows clear health parameters such as time and date, steps, calories, heart rate and oxygen concentration in the blood thanks to its unique sensors.

It's a light weight adjustable wristband that you can wear for exercise, such as running, climbing. When you exercise, it can record your sports data. When you sleep, I will monitor your sleep.

It can also wake you up with a gentle vibration. All of this data can be synchronized and analyzed on your smartphone.

High performance and advanced smart features are the best of it, so the smart bracelet is your essential personal fitness companion. It is our pleasure to offer you an easier and healthier life.

24h heart rate and blood pressure

Makibes M2S Plus can monitor your heartbeat continuously by recording your heart rate and blood pressure all day long.

Real-time motion detection

Based on the new hardware platform for upgrading the motion algorithm by effectively filtering high frequency activity in five moves, it significantly improves the accuracy of the steps, making the daily number of steps more accurate.

IP67 Water resistance

M2S Plus supports daily waterproof protection with IP67 water resistance.

Bluetooth remote control

The M2S Plus supports the range of the 10-meter bluetooth remote control.

Push Announcement

M2S Plus supports call reminder and alarm clock. you will not lose any major call or message.

Sleep monitoring

Using fragmented sleep monitoring, accurate monitoring of the quality of your sleep. M2S can monitor your sleep throughout the day to help you learn more about your sleep and improve it.

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